About us

Hemsworth offers home and travel essentials for the modern day dweller and traveller. Our passion for practical but beautiful design, slow travel and mindful living sparked the beginnings of Hemsworth. 

It is our hope that when you use our collection of home and travel pieces, you’ll feel comforted in knowing that your favourite blankets and towels were designed with intention – how we choose our materials, how and where they are made, and how they are packaged. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and are committed to producing limited runs of our textiles to avoid overproduction and waste. 

At Hemsworth we believe in using the highest quality of textiles that are kind to the environment, crafted with care, and made to last. We create seasonless products that encourage conscious consumption; our collections are made to stand the test of time, be passed down to friends, family, and future generations. 

Hemsworth is grounded in craftsmanship and functionality for conscious and intentional shoppers alike. 

Our Partners

Hemsworth has partnered with ateliers run by small families from Denizli, Turkey. The families who belong to these ateliers, with their skill and unique craftsmanship, strive to revive and uphold the traditional handloom production. Our partners have made it their mission and social responsibility to support the older population of Babadağ by giving them the opportunity to use their craft in creating beautiful textiles. With this mission also comes the responsibility of protecting our environment. Free from irritants or harmful chemicals due to its 100% cotton composition, every towel is handmade and crafted with care in a fumeless environment without sacrificing quality. All our fabrics are made with OEKO-TEX certified cotton to ensure maximum comfort and safety. 

Not only are we helping to keep their tradition alive, we are also supporting a community of makers.

We sincerely hope that our collection will spark joy in your homes knowing that they were especially made with love and care by the community of Anatolia.