The Story of Our Cotton Turkish Towels

Turkish towels have been around for a very long time. For those who are unfamiliar with them, they are also commonly called Pestemals, Hammams, or Foutas. A Turkish towel is lightweight, absorbent just like a terry towel, and quite a versatile piece of textile that can be used as a beach and bath towel, scarf, throw or travel blanket, and much more.

Turkish hammams were deeply rooted in Turkish culture as they were used in Turkish baths and important ceremonial events dating back to 18th century. Yarns of Turkish cotton are flat woven on traditional handlooms. And today, they are popularly used as beach towels.

During our quest to find makers of Turkish towels in Turkey, our mission was to find premium quality towels that were ethically made with authentic Turkish cotton and ones that would last you for a very long time. Sure, we found many suppliers, however, a lot of them mass produced towels that were made with mixed materials (not 100% Turkish cotton) resulting in low quality textiles. Sample after sample, we tested for softness, weight, absorbency, and quality after a few washes. Not only that, we were looking for partners that took their craft seriously and worked hard in keeping their tradition alive.

Hemsworth Mercantile has partnered with a small atelier run by women from the small mountain village of Babadağ in Denizli, Turkey. The families who belong to this atelier, with their skill and unique craftsmanship, strive to revive and uphold the traditional handloom production. Our partners have made it their mission and social responsibility to support the older population of Babadağ by giving them the opportunity to use their craft in creating beautiful textiles. With this mission also comes the responsibility of protecting our environment. Free from irritants or harmful chemicals due to its 100% cotton composition, every towel is handmade and crafted with care in a fumeless environment without sacrificing quality.

Not only are we helping to keep their tradition alive, we are also supporting a community of makers.

We sincerely hope that Hemsworth Mercantile towels will spark joy in your homes knowing that they were especially made with love and care by the community of Anatolia.