How to Use Turkish Towels

If you're like me trying to live as minimally as possible, then you know what it's like when it comes to shopping. Since I've changed my lifestyle, I find myself searching for things that have multiple uses. Versatility for me is so important these days because for one, I really want to avoid clutter in my home (that's apartment living!) and two, value for my money (especially if quality is top notch). 

Bodrum Grey Turkish Towel


When I stumbled upon Turkish towels, I didn't realise the value of them until I used one. I love to travel and always take one with me as it's so useful all year round! I often get cold on the plane and use it as a travel blanket. It's great for the beach and picnics in the summer. Being in Interior Design, decorating my home is always a priority so there are a few Turkish towels (like this one) that live in our apartment - on the sofa, on the bed, and in our bathrooms. 

Bodrum Grey Turkish Towel Bodrum Black Turkish Towel


Here are some ways that our lovely friends on Instagram have used and styled their Hemsworth Mercantile Turkish Towels in their homes. Hope they inspire you! If you haven't already, do follow us on Instagram for more inspiration and stories.

- Bambs x


Krema Mustard Turkish Towel

Hemsworth Mercantile Krema Mustard Turkish Towel

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 Bodrum Grey Turkish Towel Throw Blanket

Tas Black Turkish Towel for Bathroom

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Hemsworth Mercantile Turkish Towels 

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 Hemsworth Mercantile Olympos Turkish Towel for Bathroom

Hemsworth Mercantile Olympos Turkish Towel for the Bathroom

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